How to display an video on a plane

I wanted to render a video on a plane.
Any idea how to do it.
Blender Newbie.
Below is the link to Imgur where you will see the video.
Imgur Link

Hi! I was a bit confused at first, thinking “it’s not a plane, it’s a train!”, but now I get it.
To do that will need to enable the “Import images as planes” addon (Edit > Preferences > Addons > search for Images then tick the checkbox to enable)
Then go to File > Import > Images as Planes and select your video file. That’s it! (remember to switch the view to Render Preview to actually see the video)

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just saw the reply. When i have two of these in my scene and i playback it in render view the playback FPS drops to between 10 and 20.
Now i do any kind of playback in the material preview mode.
Any way to fix it?

Well, using material preview is a pretty good fix. The other one is a lot more involved: creating proxies, scaled down versions of your videos, and switching them all back before the final render. But yeah, decoding multiple video streams at the same time is resource intensive.