How to display keyframes for mask layers?

Somehow I can’t find a way to show keyframes for keys for the masks control points in either the timeline or the dopesheet?

Am I looking at the wrong place, doing it wrong or is there no such thing?


Mask shapes are a sort of keyshape from memory. I think they don’t exist anywhere as a list or set :frowning: at least real keyshapes can be placed on the action editor, not sure where to get access to mask shapes.

Well it seems that as you don’t apply keynames to these shapes they aren’t treated as shape keys anywhere else. I did see that there are python functions associated with the mask keys though. Perhaps in the interim it would be possible to generate a psuedo keyframe table. But what we really need is to have it exposed in the f-curve editor.

OK found them. They are in the dope sheet in the mask category.

Three cheers for you.

  1. One for showing me that I am not the only one having problems finding them.
  2. For you most likely looking in the wiki just like me not finding anything.
  3. For also taking quite some time to find what’s hidden in front of you.

It’s rarely that you have to change them, unless the speed of the footage has to change or anything else, but sometimes you need to time other stuff to a key, or simply made a mistake and want to delete a key without manually searching it :smiley:


For the others looking for it, find it exactly here:

While you may not need to adjust their spacing for garbage mattes (matched to footage), you probably WILL need to change them if used in moving graphics work. I like to use animated masks all the time for graphic effects not just cutting stuff out.