How to distort a weave while maintaining proportions

I am currently attempting to model a sieve, and am having trouble getting the mesh of the seam the way I want it to. I’ve made a model with the wireframe modifier, but was dissatisfied with the sharp edges created by it (was also unable to solve it through a bevel modifier below the wireframe in the stack). What I created then was a woven mesh using curves. However, when I used proportional editing, it stretched the mesh and flattened the tubes, an undesired result. The mesh was also flattened when using shrink-wrap modifier.

Is there any way to curve out my mesh to form a sieve while maintaining the properties of the woven mesh?

You can try the tissue tools addon, works very nicely for this sort of projects.

Shape it when it is still Curve, so the bevel profiles will be preserved

When I create in curves it is already beveled, so there’s no need to preserve bevel profiles in that workflow. Only if I do via wireframe do I need to bevel. However, it doesn’t adequately round out the wireframe modifier.

I thought of this:

I repeat my suggestion of using tesselate instead:

The advantage is that you can model the basic shape of your weave object with simple geometry, meaning you can easily change it later on. I’d suggest to use a very simple 1D base object (just edges), and convert it to a curve after applying tesselate.

To avoid possible confusion, I meant bevel in curve’s Object Data - Geometry tab, not Bevel modifier

Thank you so much for this video! I tried the tissue modifier as a possible solution before and couldn’t figure out the way to model the base piece for them to fit in nicely together. This is great!

Thanks for this too! Not sure how to embed ur message to “reply” correctly, but this is amazing. Shame that I can only tag 1 “solution”.

That’s cool, I’m glad it helped. I thought the modeling nature of the video would be good.