How to Distort Grease Pencil Strokes with Bendy Bones?

I’ve searched extensively for the answer to this question - and watched PepeLand’s Grease Pencil/Bendy Bones video many times - even in slow motion and frame by frame - hoping to see this technique.

In my own experiments, I’ve been able to “Parent” a Grease Pencil Layer to an Armature (with several bones) and to a single bone. However, no distortion takes place when “Posing” a Bendy Bone armature chain - only the Root Bone seems to affect the movement of the Grease Pencil shape, as a whole.

I’m using the latest release candidate (2) for Blender 2.78

Can anyone provide the technique or the settings for getting the kind of Bendy Bone distortion that is demonstrated in PepeLand’s video?

Thank you,

Greg Smith

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In the video, he doesn’t use the ability of Bendy Bones to bend something.
The bones don’t have several segments.There is no chain.

Here, B-Bones use is just a way to make a custom display with some bones thicker than others.

Noose bone and Mouth bone are overlaying Head bone.

He added a bone on the top of the head to control stretching of Head bone.
And every head’s subpart has a parent bone that is a child of Head bone.

So, when he squeezes and stretches the whole head; it is just done through parent/child relationship.

Other deformations are made using GP edit mode or GP Sculpt.


Thank you for clarifying this. I believe I understand the method. I just can’t remember how to make a single B-Bone have a “stretch” property. I’ll search for this.

Greg Smith