How to distort reflection on a even surface ? (without bump though)

What do you mean by “only a small portion”?

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I use your nodes set yp with noise on the floor
and set camera a bit further back and I get this effect

so not certain why it is dependant on the camera location either

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Thanks for the post guys, quite intereseting informations u handed over!

I will test out some of ur ideas and will post a result later on, so stay tuned

here is render I get

any idea why It does not cover the whole floor
Texture of floor is too strong

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It looks like you put a green color/texture on the floor plane. The World background is a light gray. And, since the plane does not fill the camera view, you see the gray background behind the plane. the brighter array of rectangles is the reflection of the mesh lights above the floor plane. This reflection is directly dependent upon the camera position, so it will change as the camera angle changes. I don’t see anything unexpected in that rendering.

This might be overkill, but here are some links to information about how reflections work. (Our normal maps rotate/tilt the plane’s normals.)

Also, remember to think about distance. The further the light must travel from the reflective surface to the object that you see in the reflection, the greater the distortion will be. In your reference image, the light is traveling much further than in your test scene. So, the expected amount of distortion would be much less, even if it was the exact same floor.
Here is an example.

Notice that the tree in front of the window is barely distorted while the building across the street is very distorted. Keeping this in mind will help you to not make the surface much less flat than you want simply because you made the material while looking at the reflection of an object very close to the material.

Why do you expect the lights to reflect over the whole floor area?

Unless the lighting array is infinite in size - you would only expect it to reflect on part of the floor (depending on viewing angle).

spec reflections are function of camera location and light sources
diffuse reflections are not !

and nor map has to do with spec or glossy reflection

the effect seen here rely more on the spec reflections
so if you change camera location it will also change location of the reflection on floor !

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