How to distribute evenly a selection of objects?

In Blender 2.8, is it possible to select a bunch of objects and then distribute them evenly. See picture below where I want to select all the material boxes and distribute.

I know I can align. Furthermore I can also align so all are on top of each other. Perhaps there’s a script somewhere that can do this?

pseudo code something like:
ask direction with X,Y or Z; ask distance; repeat for each object in selected; move object distance * the order of list

Not sure if Mesh Align Plus can do that. Might be worth it to take a look at.

Thanks but I don’t think that we will work.

Hello, I’ve made a request at right-click select a few months back for this feature… Consider giving an upvote so it gets noticed more… Thanks!

Align and distribute

Turns out Oscurart Tools (already comes with 2.8) already does what I need. Thanks. I did mention it in the thread you created over at right-click.

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