How TO distribute, offset, shift equal animation of objects in sequence?

See this nice C4D movie:

from 0:19 to 0:25 you can see EFFECTOR making influence to moving multiply objects as a sequence ONE BY ONE.

I tryed to repeat this in blender… so sad, I can understand nothing

  1. How can I offset (shift) animation (keys, layers ETC) on different layers automaticaly?
  2. Can I reorder layers (for example in NLA) from bottom to top to understand real order of objects?
  3. Did you see C4D video? Any ideas, may be is there another way better?

Thank you.

Try Drivers –

Thank you very much…

But It is TOOOOOOOOOO wierd and difficult. I would like to change animation on fly.
What if it would be hundreds of objects?

Check out Blenderdiplom AddOn ARweO

Thank you, Atom. It’s very nice!