how to distribute rendering through multiple PC's?

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is there a plug-in available that would allow me to split up the rendering process across mulitple computers? if so, where could i find it?

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Scripts section.

It is not a Python script you run IN blender but a Perl Script you run from console.

Furthermore it works only for animations!

Hopes it helps, anyway


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I have used Blender Operations Balancer BOB

It did split the render between multiple machines, I could not figure out how to have it send the renders back though… I just moved them manually… It should do it though. If you figure it out, let me know.

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Only for Windows
Only for Animations

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There seems to be a problem with your site.

I press the Util de Blender button, a Spanish and British flag appear, I press the “English” button, then I get a page that says in Spanish " You do not have access to that page" and another instance of your home page appears.

Do I need to log in or something? Everything seems to be in Spanish for logging in.

I see that I have an old version (1.00) from a previous download (have not tried it yet) Is there a newer version?

Is the price for the full package still 12 US dollars?


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You must download the new release (bugs fixed, minor changes and speed increassed 15%)

Yes! Only this moth :wink:
You can buy at:

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ok to split up the rendering of an animation to multiple machines you just need to

have all networked together.

set machine a to render frame 1-50
b to render 51-100
etc… as many machines as you want and as many frames as you want.
have them all saving into the same folder on one machine (TGA)

i also sugest benchmarking your comps.

i have done this betwwen my laptop and pc and found it worked so well that they finished at the same time and all frames ended up in the same folder with the exeption of one (human error) the laptop ran at 2/3 the speed of the pc so i set it to render 200 frmaes and the other to render 300.

its very easy (unless that software is easier)

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These softwares simply automates all that :wink:


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My app “BlenderTools” share the anim betwhen all computers at the best way automatically (the fastest computers render more frames)

P.S: UFF! My English is more poor day to day :smiley:

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ok thanks!!! :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

i just went and read the page on BOB from looking at it i think that my way is easier for 2 computers as.

both my computers use the same hard drive for all renderings and for running blender (drive mapped the network drive)

so my computers really think they both own the drive therefore don’t need to send a blend file anywhere to render it as it is in both their grasp anyways.

but for multi machines i think it would be easier (esp on the net)

how much does the full version of the other one cost (it looks good but if it cost more than maya then no way hosay)(ps i think someone will build it into blender then you will be out of bussiness) :frowning:

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If you are refering to my soft (BlenderTools) the full version cost only 12$ (this moth) and I think thi’s a very low price.

I will be very happy if something like this will be coded inside Blender.

This little proggie is not comparable to Maya.

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i remember a ex-NaN employee had writen a program called Blade Renderer back in the days of discussion lists but sorry, cant remember the url… :wink: