How to distributes vertices in uv editor

i am lookin for a way to automatically distribute the verts in the uv editor to get equal spaces between them. Maybe a addon like the “space” option in the looptools but just for the uv editor. define two endpoints then distribute the verts between with equal spaces…

ideas welcome:)

I discovered in a corner of the Bug Tracker that Quizkid actually made such function (that existed in 2.49b thanks to the UV tools of the author of Geom Tools) :

And it’s compatible with 2.63

Download the from 2012-06-15 in the attached file in the bottom of the page i linked, and place that file in

The addon can be enabled in File -> User Preferences -> Addons , Mesh category.

In the UV Editor, select the vertices you want to redistribute, press W then UVRedistribute (or click on UV -> Wield/Align -> UVRedistribute)

Considering how much usefull this is for anyone working with UV, i hope that addon will be added in the official addon list, and not disappear in that corner of the bug tracker where too few people may notice it.

thx sanctuary!

looks like i need to be logged in, to download…
grrr… i forgot my pw again. can you download it for me?

thx in advance,


Hey, I had the same need yesterday in fact.
This kind of basic tool should be hardcoded and part of the standard arsenal for meshes, objects, curve handles, ets…

Too hard to align, spread things evenly in Blender right now.

I don’t need to be logged in to download the attached file, anyways, uploaded it there :

Definitively a very usefull function.

yeah you are right. was blind - got it now!
thank you very much!!