How to divide an object?

Hello to all.

I’m new to blender and new to this forum - and I just have a question. :o

Unfortunately the six objects you can see in the attached image can only be selected as one. Is it possible to divide this one object into 6 separate? (I made it with Bezier-Curves, changing it into a mesh doesn’t help)

If that can’t be done, is it possible to give every part a differnt color?

I would be very glad if you have an answer for my questions.



in edit mode, select the verts you want seperated and press P (seParate).
if you want to keep it 1 object you can assign different colors (materials) in edit mode, links and materials panel… press new (the one above set smooth button) once for each color then select the verts you want to be color 1 and press assign. move to the next material (above that new button) select the next group… you get it.

Thank’s a lot. It works great. :slight_smile: