How to do 2D animation with 2.80 and a video backdrop?

I was doing this before with Gimp.
I was bringing screen shots of the frames most important to the animation to Gimp, then drawing on a separate layer over them. Once done then import just the drawing to Blender in the VSE where I had the video, and just match the drawings to the video. It works. But it would be lovely to do the drawings directly in Blender with its new Grease Pencil. I just don’t know how to do them over the video.
This amazing video shows how to use Natron to composite them. That’s cool and all, but if I could do it all in Blender then that won’t be necessary :wink:

Thanks guys

It seems that the VSE grease pencil is limited to simple annotations, press the N-key for properties in the VSE preview window and check Annotations. You can draw and animate per frame by unlocking the Frame variable per layer. Also its not allocated to a strip so you can’t easily move it (in time) or duplicate it. In which case you are stuck adding a video to an object in 3D space, shoot it with a camera and include that strip in the VSE timeline.

I see.
I guess that’s why Pierre exports to Natron.

I’ll try your idea though.

Thanks 3PE :slight_smile: