How to do a cape

I’m doing a superhero for a drama project, and all superheros need a cape (duh!), but I’m not really sure how to do this.

What I was going to try was setting the whole body and the top of the cape as goal, and leaving the rest to be floppy. However I don’t know what goal means, I just know that that’s what I want when I want it to stay still. As you can tell, I’m not really familiar with the Soft Body simulator. I can make a simple flag blowing in the wind and whatever, but I don’t really understand what it all means. So, I was just wondering if this will work (even though I’ll find out in about a minute anyway), as well as any other suggestions anyone might have.
Sorry for the amazing noobiness that this post stinks of.

K, well goals are what you want. Goals are the parts of the cape that are attached to your model, like the collar. To set goals, you need to make a vertex group of the vertexes that make up your collar. Go into edit mode of your cape and in the edit buttons you’ll see Vertex Groups under Link and materials. Hit the New button there and you will have made a vertex group called Group by default. Now while still in edit mode, select the verticies of the collar and hit Assign just below. That’s it.

In the softbodies panel then, have Use Goal on and select Group from the dropdown button just to the right of Use Goal there. Then figure out all the physics settings by trial and error. :stuck_out_tongue: