How to do a stripes tiled texture for web background?

i want to know how to do a texture for a web background that when it repeats you can see 45º tiled stripes. whats the technic so that you dont see the any errors when it repeats.

Thats quite simple really. open say gimp or paint or whatever program you use. and create a base tile like this (number or pixels vary depending on the width of the stripe)

For a 1 pixel stripe, you create a 3x3 pixel tile :
out of these 9 pixels you color 3-5-7. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yes , but that one i showed, is not that small , anyway what you say its true , i’ll try that but whith a bigger texture than 3x3 ,it gets more tricky right?.



I just found this , really cool :