How to do building construction animation?

I saw this really cool advt - it was the promo of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006. The animation sequence was breathtaking in the background was this incredible sequence of building comming off the brick by brick! and turning the desert into a city - Wow!!!
Can any one give me some guide line to do this in blender? I just want to do some experiment with it.

well , if its constructed brick by brick the easiest way is to build first then desconstruct and play in the reverse order.

When deconstructing, simply insert a layer keyframe and move the bricks to an unused layer.

ok greboide, let me see if I get this righ. What you are saying is first creat the comlete scence then remove each block then keyframe until there is nothing - then play the animation in reverse.
Skyler could you a bit more your process?

Your question is not quite the same as the example you linked to in the thread above; the approach may be similar but the rendered result is not. Your biggest problem is not so much how to construct/deconstruct the buildings as it is to *realistically deal with Textures.

If you use Shapes (RVK’s) to “build” you’re going to have to be sure that each brick is revealed (extruded to where the camera can render it) exactly where one frame ends and the next frame begins, otherwise it’ll look like a bunch of baloons being blown up. And it doesn’t matter whether you use Clip, Extend, Repeat or UVMapping; if the Face(s) concertina into their final shape, then so will the texture. That would be a major PITA to set up.

One solution could be to use the Build Modifier, but the order in which it builds can be unpredictable. If you use Box modelling to build each Face in the order in which they will finally be ‘built’ it may work and then you could UVMap one brick (face) only and have that repeated to all other bricks.

One cool thing about the Build Modifier is that you can set the Start and End frames, so you could have the second build start when the first finishes without having to mess with Actions.


Thank Fligh, I have seen the animation sequence done in blender before ( video from blender confrence 2003 I think ) of turning the caslte into many different of type buildings, that probably the solution to the other post . your solution might be what I need - thank again.