How to do car wheels?

Hi everybody!
I discovered Blender a couple of months ago and recently came across this forum.

What I realized so far about modelling, in general, is that it’not a matter of how things “have to be done”, rather of how you think it’s the best way to do them. Agree with that?

The problem is that currently I don’t even know where to start, to model real shapes and not only cubes or spheres. How would you model a wheel like this one, for example?

I searched and looked at a lot of car tuts, but they just seem to fly over the wheels. Maybe it’s just me… Bad thing to be a newbie… :frowning:


Once I’ve made a quite bad tutorial on making a car and a wheel

If you want to give it a try it’s here:

Tip: now you’ve SubSurface divison to smooth the things up. Use it

Maybe for a beginner this is not the “best object” to model