How to do curve a face in a model in a concave way

So this is a model i am making as an Asset for Cities Skylines. See the small faces in the front on either side of the triangle shaped thing? I want to curve them in a concave way.

But i dont know how to do it because i am new to blender.

Any help?

I think I know what you are asking for… Select the edge loop (Alt+Select the edge in the middle) > then hit Ctrl+B > then drag your mouse out some > then roll your mousewheel up, giving you new edges. See if that does it.

nope. just adds more loop cuts.

I don’t know what to tell you then. If you google or youtube blender bevel edges you will get what I suggested, which should make nice curved concave geo…

Edit: Like here

As norka suggests and if we are understanding you, press control A 1st, then apply scale and then perform the bevel operation.

EDIT: You must also have the TOOLS TAB open, press T, after you have performed the bevel operation you will see a dialog box at the bottom of the tab, in there you can adjust as to whether you want a concave or convex bevel.

I am not using 2.8. but 2.79, not sure then if the shortcuts are the same if you are using 2.8.