How To Do Eyes?

How would you put eyes in this character? You think a lattice-deformed sphere? I plan to animate him, so that needs to be considered. Suggestions?

(P.S. – It’s kind of a “possum” critter, for those wondering. I still have to do the teeth and everything.)

If it’s me, I always model the eyes separately, then join them to the main mesh. Then, I select the eyes, and make them a separate vertex group.

I’m very sure that’s not the best way to do it, but it always works for me. I always model a hole/two in the head, then add the eyes, then position them as a separate group. I’ll try to get pictures :slight_smile:

I guess one eye with two pupils, since you have gone for a cartoonish style that does not separate the eyes. Then rig the pupils only.

yup! do what yoff says!

Well, I played with it and ended up doing it with two spheres. I still have eyelids to do, but we’ll see if this works. I just seemed that it’d be easier to rotate the eyeballs around if they were perfectly round.

I’ll still take any suggestions because I may end up redoing it if this doesn’t work!

you could always use the “cars” technique, where there’s two irises on one flat surface.

here’s a blend i came up with, maybe you can study it and see how it works. to move the irises around, move the two Emptys that’s directly behind each one.


Thanx, Ward! I’ll definitely have a look at that! It might make something I’m thinking about a little easier…