How to do my value proposition as a blender artist?

Hi , I do not know what kind of jobs should I apply for as a blender artist . It would be helpfull if some senior artists/designer look into it . I m attaching all my portfolio here .

Thankyou :blush:

Hello !

There are cool stuff here,
But, probably if you don’t know we won’t either :smiley:

Looking at your portfolio there is a bunch of different things, some quite cool actually but it misses an overall direction, so yeah your question isn’t surprising :smiley:

What stand out the most is some kind of simple illustrative work :
A good example could be that :
or that :
or that :
These can lead to motion design, infographics stuff in very different ways :

There are also some projects that looks more like product visualisation,
like this :

And there is a bunch of other stuff, that shows that you’re experimenting which is cool.

But this lacks of a direction, I suggest you pick an area and geek it out, and try to really push that much further than anything else, to a point that it’s obvious when looking at your portfolio what kind of jobs you’re looking for.

While it’s not the perfect example, this portoflio is less confusing :
And it’s close to what you do actually.

Broadly, these kind of illustrative work can range from product visulisation, infographics, maybe stuff close to arch-viz , advertising, commercials.

Then some people are more specialized than others, you can do perfume renders really well and specialize in that. Or be more a kind of generalist that touches up a bit of everything.

Anyway, you can always apply to different jobs, and you’ll see if that leads to somewhere.
In the meantime keep practicing only a few areas that you like the most.
For now you have a ok level which is already useful, but try to become very good in what you like the most.
And also in your porfolio try to do some categories, like one that is more professionally oriented, the other that is more experiments and personal works. If it’s a bit more organised it will be less confusing.

And last stuff looking at your work, I’d avoid putting your instagram right in the middle of the image like so :

It’s super confusing and doesn’t feel professional, what is the most important in that image , the logo or the character ? I’d put the logo in a corner of an image so there isn’t a conflict of interest.

Or if the point is the logo you should make the illustration much less important.

Hopes that helps, sorry if that’s not exactly the answers you where looking for !

Have fun !


Yeah thankyou for your response . I have worked on web design illustrations a lot but I like kawaii style artworks a lot but I do not know how to make a career out of it because I have not found any kawaii 3d artist who is doing well in career untill and unless they are in korea or japan or us but I am from India . Here people like more money conversion , more engineering brains than creative brains . Also I have a female soul which likes to do only creative works like this one


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Yes !

For sure only a few people are really passionate by animating diagrams and pie charts :smiley:
It’s already difficult to start a career in CG it’s even more difficult to do exactly what you like the most especially in the beginning.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people here are doing different things for a living than what they showcase in their portfolio even those who actually work with blender.

But for sure that’s the goal to eventually be paid to do exactly what you like.

If that can help, here is how it went for me.

I had a hard time starting my career, and the first position I found was to do corporate videos,
I don’t have a lot of them to showcase, but this was one of the best I did after ~2 years of work :

Of course I removed all the boring stuff and what you see is just a few slides out of the 30 I had to animate on that project.

Alongside that you can see what I was doing in my personal projects :

Nowadays it’s much simpler and I’d say that the projects I work on are closer to what I like to do.
But stuff I post here are still generally unrelated to what I’m paid for.
Still I really enjoy my job and I always try to be a step closer to what I wanted to do when I started :smiley:

If you are extremely talented like
Probably you won’t need years to get to do exactly what you like, since at 15 he was already way above the average character artist.

But for most people it’s always a balance to find…

Something I wasn’t aware of when I started also, is that when you start like after 1 or 2 years of practice you are still in the average and therefore it’s very difficult to get interesting jobs.

imagine tree people A,B,C.
A is super talented and do blender for 6 mounts.
B is on the average and do blender for 1,5 years.
And C struggles a lot and do blender for like 3/4 years.

All these people have probably the same “average” level, even if they do blender for different time,
And there are a lot of people with that level.

But once you start to look for people doing 3D diligently for 10 years or more, especially professionally you’ll find much less people. To a point that finding a CG supervisor on a project is extremely difficult.

Again :
CG junior artist with ~2 years of experience really easy to find, can take less than a week to find one available.
CG supervisor with +10 years of industry experience, can take like 6 mounts to find one available to work on a project.

What I want to demonstrate is that if you keep practicing and improving, through your career as you get much more experience it will become much simpler to do what you like.

Still a bit difficult since your need only a few CG supervisor on a project, and a bunch of junior artists. But what I said still apply !

Hope that helps !


Your personal works are awesome . I actually like those handpainted animation . I felt like arcane but in modern setup :blush:. I can create characters like but still people will not believe me if Have done it . I once worked as ios ui developer then I switched my career into ui design , then I started learning blender . I have done it almost 1 year and I can make almost anything in blender be it character illustration . Only thing that I struggle currently is with lighting . Modelling skills are solid but still I m unemployed after my layoff 6 months back and it is hard to find a job . So I do beauty and skincare classes in evening and sale bakery products in weekend . I know how to design and bake cakes as well but I want only one single career not multiple . I am a transwomen currently transitioning from male to female for 2 years now and the treatment is too costly here that is why I bake for my survival . Also fighting with society family etc . Btw You are cool :sunglasses: . Thankyou for your insights . I was not aware of how cg indutry works :wink:

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Well it’s quite difficult to stand out and get a first job in CG, once your career starts it gets way easier.
It’s kind of unfair but that’s how life is :smiley:
Keep improving your porfolio and study as much as you can !

This is an amazing resource for lighting :

You have probably a lot on your plate actually and that shouldn’t help you organize your life, but it will eventually settle and if you studied CG diligently in the meantime you might find better opportunities later.

Finding my first job in CG was quite difficult ( to end up doing corporate videos :smiley: ) I worked in a fast food restaurant for five years alongside doing CG in my spare time…

I nearly give up since after 5 years without finding anything I got the impression that I was completely wasting my time. But eventually it worked out and I’m so glad I kept insisting at that time !!

Best advice is to stay patient and improve as much as you can, keep insisting !

Good luck !

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Thankyou much :blush:

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The lighting resource is awesome :sunglasses:

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Typically the opposite is a much solid plan, to have a picture of what is going on on the job market in terms of skills +demand +portfolios and then try adapting to it by becoming more “hireable” (or competitive - if you want to use this word).

The catch here is that if you go for very specialized genre, then the chances of finding a good matching company to hire you are getting slim (job security). One part is what the company asks, then the other part is what you are willing to do. If you go for certain designs and certain interesting stuff, then you even further narrowing your focus. One point is that it makes things even more difficult to find job, the other point is that it makes your focus and skill much better and specialized, this is a dillema.

More or less, if you approach artistic jobs in the same way as filling in checkboxes in Excel I bet that you can become a great and successful employee. However if this does not sit well in you and you think that there is much more meaning in artistic job, then you might have to think in terms of becoming more independent and self sustained, which is another huge part.

PS: I won’t support that my logic is correct, but at least I have figured out a way to structure it in some way that it makes sense, instead of having open-ended-logic or do-whatever-you-like style.

Some other posts about finding work that might be handy:

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I think you are right . So I m applying for jobs that are in demand but pursuing my art as a side hustle :blush:

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