How to do point-for-point modeling?

Hey everyone!

I have a quick question. Generally how do you do point-for-point moedling?

you can add a plane and delete 3 vertices then select the last one
and Ctrl and MMB with the cursor wher youw ant to add a point in viewport

hope it helps

if not then give us a picture of what you mean or other details of what you need !


Actually, as I was waiting for a response, I tried just that! One thing though, I outlined the side of my characters head with this method, but what do you once ou’ve finished? All I end up with is a 2-D sketch of te side of the head. How do I make faces and such? Here is a picture of what I want to make, (note that my drawing skills are awful):

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oopps. K, hold on. LOL.

Ya, it won’t upload. Here is one way to explain it. The side of the head looks like a circle. If I do point-by-point, I will end up with a 2-D circle. How do I actually make a 3-D object with this method?

Here’s your picture

Change to the front view and vertex select mode. Select a vertex. Extrude (E key)and drag. Repeat. Select 4 vertices and use the F key to create a face. Repeat. If you want, change to edge select mode. You can select and extrude edges, rather than points. You can also select two edges and use F key to create an edge between them. All this stuff is covered in the Noob to Pro E-Book and the Blender manual, both of which you can find easily on Google.

Thanks so much!!!