How to do quaternion julia fractals , i mean ... this

i love this shapes :

ive seen them animated in real time in processing or VVVV , is there a way to model them in blender ? and to animate them like this :

Use a script to calculate it and create geometry accordingly. Oh and be prepared to wait a long time for the calculation to finish as python isn’t the fastes number cruncher.

ha ha , yes if i would be a skilled python coder i could , unfortunately im not , do you know if any blender artists is interested in this type of “models” that has tried to achieve it ? anyway its sooooooooo nice isnt it ?

Did you look at the page the youtube posted referenced? It appears all the animations were done in Povray. Povray has these fractals as primitive so there is no programing required on your part. Here is the page link: