How to do temporal denoising in 3.0?

Is there an option I’m missing here? As far as I am aware temporal denoising used to be a thing in blender but that’s not the case anymore, I’m getting a bit of jitteriness in my otherwise smooth animation and want to fix that, any help would be appreciated

At some point, there was a project to add temporal denoising with the Optix denoiser. I’m not sure if it’s in, maybe someone who knows better could tell.

In any case, the Optix denoiser usually gives much worse results than open image denoise, so I’m not sure it’s worth it, even in temporal mode.

Do you have the ability to post an image of the problematic areas? Or if not, could you describe what kind of scene you have and what kind of materials cause the problem? Maybe there are some sources of noise that could be identified and improved.