How to do these essential zbrush Techniques in Blender?

Hey guys, i was just wondering, if Blender also has these tricks in sculpting:

  1. how to mask lasso then remove the masked out portion and fill the hole where the portion of mesh that was not removed is?
  2. How to Mask and extract cloth in sculpt mode from the sculpted body mesh?

i know #2 exists but not sure if #1 is already in there or is a few more months away

thanks bro. by the way, is it possible in blender to view the mesh like with 20% opacity and see the background in sculpt mode (solid mode),like if you have an image reference at the back and you want to compare it to your sculpted mesh?

i can see it in the edit mode wireframe, but then when i have sculpted much detail, there’s just too much vertices that it’s really hard to see the image reference from the back.

In recent version you can adjust opacity of the objects you are not sculpting :frowning:

You can activate the x ray mode button in the upper right of the 3d viewport when in solid shading mode.

You can put the reference image in front of the sculpt and reducting the opacity of the image.

In material preview or rendered mode you can adjust the opacity of the shader on the object but I don’t think sculpting performance will be good with that.

Don’t forget the best thing about sculpting in Blender is you can have multiple 3d viewports simultaneously looking at your object from different angles and with different shading modes so you always know what it looks like and don’t have that problem where sculpting while zoomed in is affecting the other side of the object in ways you didn’t want and you don’t discover that until much much later when you zoom out and spin it around to look.