How to do this animated texture in a sphere, BBC world news

How to do this animated texture in a sphere, BBC world news

How vcan this be done ? i mean with a .avi, it would look stretched, any ideas ?

Confused; why would an avi look stretched? Only if you rendering out square pixels - if you render out non-square then it wont stretch.

It’s a bit confusing; video files use natively non-square pixels; images use square pixels.
If you render out a sequence of images using PAL/NTSC settings they will come out as square pixels and thus the image will look stretched in a video comp.

Workaround is to render out, for PAL, at 768 x 576, then either batch resceale to 720 x 576, or, for example in After Effects, importing 768 x 576 AE will assume it is square pixels and do the squashing for you.

Bit vague around the edges but essentially that’s the nutshell.

I think what he means is ‘How do you make those animated rings on the sphere? UV mapping a movie texture to a sphere would have warping at the poles.’

ah, I see. Hmm, getting out of my realms of limited knowledge; but maybe animating an empty that the texture is aligned to?

ok, I just tried this out and seems to work;

as a quick experiment:
made a sphere
made a procedural texture of banded colours
assigned it to the sphere material
made an empty in the middle of the sphere
set texture map to as the Object-Empty
animated the empty

rotate the empty and the bands rotate
translate the empty up and down and the bands move up and down the sphere

…I just ran a qucik animation test and it works as it should. One can also add a mask/stencil texture and have a second pattern rotating so in effect the bands reveal the rotating pattern as they move up the sphere.

I would go into After Effects and create a solid in a fairly large composition, say 1024x1024. This would be done with square pixles. Then I would add the Radio Waves effect to the solid and animate the radio waves to produce an interesting pattern. I would duplicate the layer and convert the duplicate to grey scale. I would use this as a track mat against the other layer to create an aplha layer where the radio waves are not. Render that out with alpha intact.

Create a sphere in Blender and apply the above created footage to the sphere making sure to enable the alpha channel to the rings can “slice” the sphere apart. There will be no texture distortion because it is a solid color. This wil get you the sphere effect, there are other fx going on in there as well. They probably did the entire thing in After Effects using the CC Sphere plugin and a mapping technique similar to what I described above.