How to do this distortion type in PS ?

In this famous video about the “real beauty”

when in PS , they stretch her face in a very cool way , they do this with her neck and other parts of her face, i regcognize one way of doing it is via the Liquify filter , but there is another one in use i guess , for example when they stretch her neck or make it more stylised drawing some rounded selection around it and then stylise it.

Or is it all the liquify filter ?

really no one knows what is the technic ?

tis is really just a form of deformation lattice…

I could do this inside blender (map image to highly tesselated quad, use grab and pinch in sculpt mode…) don’t know how to do it in gimp… I’m sure there’s a plugin somewhere…

I think photoshop ships witha plugin (or was it goo?)

thanx , but what i want to know , is where is that in os or gimp , or whats the name of the plug.

thanx anyway.

Yes, it’s Liquify Filter but with a custom selection.