How to do this in Blender?? Need help

Hi, everybody. This guy made it in 3ds Max, but hw tomake it in Blender?

Pick your poison:

  • Vertices controlled by a hook.
  • Vertices controlled by a bone.
  • Shape keys.

Subd mesh + lattice affecting vertex groups:

Animated? Static?
If static - curves and dupliframes with a bit of edit after.

Thank You gus, very nice views about the scene.

eppo, How you made it? I think this is what I want

I’m also watching this guy doing cool things with Max.

I wonder how this translated to Blender, and how could I replicate such techniques.

  • Add plane, delete Only Faces in edit mode. Convert to Curve, Alt-C.
  • Add Bezier curve, make it straight by switching points to Vector and back to Aligned, Assign Plane curve as a Bevel. Subdivide and pull out bulge. On Curve’s Object tab set Duplication to Frames.
  • Add another Bezier which will make waves; Parent (Ctrl-P in Object mode) Plane beveled curve to this one.

All this should give repeated beveled curves along the last one. There are couple more knobs like Frames and some checkboxes to get repetitions and orientation…

Thank You eppo :slight_smile:

Please, can anyone share this file again?