How to do video editing AND compositing in SAME project?


Can someone please tell me if there a better quicker and more sane way to do what I want to do?

My problem is that while in Video Editing mode, you can’t do very much compositing. For example, you can do an alpha-over blend, but you can’t do any keying. While in Compositing mode, you can do lots of compositing, but you can’t do any video editing.

My problem is that I’m doing a green screen thing where I put my talking head on someone else’s body. I need to delete and add frames from the two videos to get them synched up properly. I can import the two videos into two different channels in a Video Editing project, synch up the two channels with normal editing, and then I can hide one channel, then hit the “animation” button to render the one channel out to a file on the hard disk, and then I can unhide the first channel and hide the second channel, and again hit the “animation” button to render the other channel out to a second file on the hard disk, and I can then use the two files as inputs in a Compositing project…

So there’s got to be a more efficient work flow possible, but unfortunately I’m a complete Blender noob so I don’t really understand the relationship between the Video Editor interface and the Compositing interface. Can stuff done in one be used as an input to the other without having to route the pictures through your hard disk filing system using the technique I describe above?

Thanks for any advice!

I gave a more detailed answer in the other question of yours but heres a cgcookie tutorial I created to answer this:

Well it took me years of learning Blender to arrive at that content. And if someone didn’t pay me for my trouble I probably would have put it on my youtube page which does have quite a bit of additional content. I pretty much broke down all of the info from the tut anyway, so I guess you are left with deducing the rest yourself.