how to do water?

(AN][ARES) #1

i had a look at the last 50 threads and there were none dealing with this topic. also the search engine couldnt help me finding such a thread.

so my question:
is there a tutorial how to do water?
like a sea or a lake with all the small waves moving with the wind blowing over the water? and the right type of reflection?

yes i know there are wave effects in blender, but i wasnt unable so far to do water areas with this effect :frowning:

could someone help me?

(theeth) #2

if you use two waves effect coming from two different origin, the effect is much nicer. For reflections, look for a tut on planar reflection there:


(CurtisS) #3

The Wave effect is based on time so you need to advance your frame number to see the effect work. I hope this makes sense.