How To download BlenderMats ?

Hi !

I discovered this website with amazing materials.

When I click on download of one of these I get a weird page with Unicode characters or so ?
What can I do to get the zip file ?

Many thanks !

As they are eager to get something in return you are supposed to install their downloader first…
Critical Upgrade Requred Dear eSnips user, From now on all files can only be downloaded through the eSnips Downloader”

Thanks for reply.
I installed the downloader and then what do I do ?

No idea, really. Doesn’t it say when run?
Since it’s tended to pc’s running windows only (downloader wont run on linux pcs) and amount of ads on that page… And why would you run Cool downloader when any browser allows for a simple link download?
It’s a bit too much for my understanding. Sorry.

Do you mean that I can find a link to that stuff without having to use that downloader ? Where ?

It’s hidden pretty deep in different js stuff somewhere there as i saw. Probably. See page source.

Anyhow, for me it all sounds like this.

Look for a material you need here on forum.

I would be interested in glossy paint material