How to draw a curve on the surface OF an object?

Ok I guess it’s my week to play the stupid newbie again but here goes:

Is there a way to get a curve/path to snap to or follow the contour of an object?

By that I mean: say I had a UVsphere and wanted my curve to be drawn on it’s surface.

Well I’m sure you know SHIFT-S, but that’s a lot of clicking backwards and forward, and not too many options. I don’t believe there’s a vertex snap, but as always a work around. Was playing around with the idea and quickest way I found was the following…

Add a bezier circle - it fits the grid exactly. Add another normal curve in Object mode. With CTRL you can grab them and move them to sit exactly on top of the circle vertices. Rotate and scale the handles with CTRL to quickly align them - SHIFT - S to tweak. Once you’ve got your perfect curve, scale it to match your perfect sphere!

That help? %|


I thought about snapping but it’d take so long I’d have to get paid for it to be worth that much effort. Hmm maybe I’m just lazy. Anyway thanks for your help, I know it can be annoying answering these kinds of questions.

I’ll have to look over those links and see if I can find some pearls of wisdom in them, I’ve seen a few before though. Maybe I wasn’t as clear in my first post so I’ll try to show a better example:

I am making a Sci-Fi space ship (GASP HOW ORIGINAL! %|), anyway…

What I really need is a simple way to get panel lines onto a mesh which is subsurfaced. I have converted it to a normal mesh for adding details but I wanted a method that didn’t just loop cut it to pieces like NOLA-Jedi did. That works ok but not for the kinda things I want to add. I’m thinking more organic details. I’m going down the same path he did in that I see this tut about lightwave and want to do that with blender but don’t know how.

Here is a link to the tut which should help convey what I mean better:

I’m sorry if that’s a long read, I read that and thought, “hey wait a minute” what if I could draw a curve any shape I wanted then, rather then cut it out of a mesh like he did(and deal with tons of tris), have it conform to the surface of a mesh instead. Then I could use the “BevOb” to make some really interesting stuff. Better and maybe even easier then lightwave’s method. Or at least that was my thought.

I didn’t think there was a built-in way to do this (though I hope I’m wrong) but was hoping someone with more knowledge of blender might see a good method to get this result.

Anyway thanks again, Fligh % I may not have a memory like yours but thanks to it I am getting that hard drive full of links :stuck_out_tongue:

Use the edgeloop to curve script in the link above. What I’d do is to use blender’s boolean difference, seperate the edgeloop and open it by deleting an edge, then run the script. Use the 3d option and you have a nice curve shaped like the intersection of the two meshes. You could then use lofting another curve on this to get interesting effects… like a welded seam perhaps… or an upraised or recessed trough if you used an open arc curve as the bev ob.

Hmm, that’s a good idea, maybe I could combine it with blender cookie cutter if that script still works with 2.40. I will say 3R’s page of scripts has some that should come with blender like the one to fix 3D paths so they don’t get twisted.

Thanks for the ideas I’ll have to try those out.