How to draw a gear

(fredws) #1

I am trying to draw a gear, basicly a tube with teeth along the perimeter. What I tried to do was draw two circles, then erased all of the vertices except for one segment. I then subdivided the outer segment a couple times, grabbed every other vertice, and pulled them towards the middle, creating the teeth. I then spun this 360, creating the top of my gear. My problem is, I am unable to get it to fill this face. I push shift-F and nothing. I can extrude this, but of course it is open on both ends. What am I doing wrong here, or is there an easier way to create a gear?


(Desmark) #2

I’ve had some problems using the fill face tool as well.

Try just selecting three points at a time to create a face, This seems to work for me.


edit - I’m not sure exactly what you are aiming for with the gear, is it a single cog or more like a gear in a car’s gearbox?

It might be worth creating your profile, extruding this a number of times along a straight line, then rotating each section by a little amount to give a curved groove.

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Yes, what I am after is a ring with teeth on the outer edge. I will try your suggestions though Des.

(Bogey) #4

Dont forget the curve objects. With these you can chamfer or radius the edges at the same time.


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There was a tutorial on this, which i cant seem to find right now, but i did, however, find this one which is completly new to me.

I’m not exactly sure where the other method tute is, but it basically used two circles and deleted vertices…(this vague discription probably dosent help). :wink:

If anyone else knows of the tute i mean, please post. I do probably have it bookmarked somewhere, but it’d be burried under a MOUNTAIN of them!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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I have two suggestions

  1. Are you making sure to remove any doubles of vertices when you spun the segment around? because Blender can’t fill something when it isn’t all connected and closed in.

  2. I made a gear once by making one circle, extruding that and scaling it outwards, then selecting every 3rd and 4th vertice of the outer circle(or every 2nd, 2nd and 3rd etc… depending on the type of teeth you want) then once those are selceted all around the circle (make sure the # of vertices in the circle matches how many teeth you want so you aren’t left with a wierd extra large tooth) you just scale those down and form the teeth. :smiley:

The second method would be similar to yours but instead of doing one segment you do them all at once. My guess is though that you just forgot to remove doubles.

(fredws) #7

Yep, forgot to remove doubles.
Thanks for all of the suggestions guys!
That is also a pretty nice tutorial, thanks for the link!