How to draw a target with red stripes?

I’ve gotten as far as making a “disc” out of UV mesh, not comes the tricky part (as far as I’m concerned)… How do I add red stripes to make it look like a target (think Target logo)???

The way I see it, you have two options.
Option 1: UV map a target logo to the disc.
Option 2: Use a wood texture. I tried this way. This is a more complicated process and I will try to walk you through it as best I can.

  1. Make sure the disc is selected.
  2. Go to the Materials panel and add a material to disc.
  3. Go to the Textures Panel and add a new texture. Select Wood under Type.
  4. Under the section called Wood, select the Sine and Rings options.
  5. Go into the section marked Color and tick the Tamp check-box. This should bring up a two horizontal color boxes, a large one and a small one.
  6. Press the little delete button a few times. In the little color box, select red as your color.
  7. Press the add button ONCE. In the little color box, select white as your color.
    The large color box should now have two colors: white and red. You will also see to vertical bars inside the large color box. You can drag them within the box to make fine adjustments to your texture. Play around with position of these bars. I find that you get the best effect if the bars are next to each other in the center of the box.

Hope this helps!

I would do it with a texture (option 1 above) or simply create the geometry.

Here’s how I would do the geometry

  1. create a circle (add/mesh/circle) adjust step count if desired
  2. go into edit mode and select all the vertexes (hit a)
  3. hit e to extrude and then right click to cancel any movement
  4. now hit s to scale and set your outer ring size
  5. hit Ctrl R and move the cursor over one of the “spoke” segments. You can use the mouse wheel to choose how many rings you need before clicking.
  6. Now you just need to assign white and red materials to the alternating rings.

Creating/assigning the materials

  1. With the object selected, go to the material tab and create a new material and name it white (make this,… white)
  2. At the top of the material tab, hit the + to add a new submaterial. Name this one red and make it,… Red!
  3. now you can select each ring and use “assign” to color each ring the way you want. You can easily select an entire ring by alt clicking the face to get the whole ring with one click. (Where you click on the face will determine which way the ring flows)

That’s it.

Good one, rcpongo. That’s the beauty of Blender: there always another way of achieving the same; some ways are simpler than others. I forgot about the option of creating and assigning materials to the geometry of the mesh. I suppose it just depends on what your goal is. If the target is for the game engine, I would definitely do it with the UV texture. Otherwise, modelling the geometry would work quite well.

Another idea that I would like to add is model the geometry, create and assign materials, and then generate a texture from the Blender materials. This would work if your target is different and there is no image texture available. I’d give instructions how to do that, except I am on vacation and don’t have access to Blender.