How to draw lines on materials?

Hello, and I’m sorry for asking such a boring question in advance. But I couldn’t find the solution on the internet, so I decided to ask here.

My question is simple. I want to make the image like below.

I know I can make it by drawing a red line on a yellow texture. [fileA]
But can I make it by putting a texture with a red line on a yellow material? [like fileB]
How the order of the nodes and the UV texture should be?

I hope you can understand what I’m saying…


B.blend (490 KB)A.blend (623 KB)

You can use an image as a mask for the second material. The only thing in B is that you only need the image on the Mix factor (unless you wanted to apply a texture to the second material).


This is not a boring question…:slight_smile:

Here is one way to do it…It can be done in many way , depend of what You want.

In the picture You can see the node setup…1 transparent Texure with a diffuse material…I use .Png - Jpg have no transparent.

A mix node with 2 diffuse Materiale where the texture with transparent background go in 1 diffuse…To get the transparent from texture - You have to connect alpha in texture node to the Fac in the Mix node.

I just unwrap the cube with project from view (bounds) - It unwrap the texture to the face as You see it in the viewport.
Here strait on.

Hope this make sense…

Another thing…There wasn’t any texture in the Blend file…:slight_smile:
It’ because You have to pack it with Your Blend file…Go to file menu - File - close button there are a external data
where You can Tic - Automatically pack into Blend.

Last thing…You should check if You can use Gpu instead of Cpu…See picture too…Puff Puff


Thank you very much for telling me.

Is it possible to make a transparent image in Blender?

I think I can make an image with transparent background in Photoshop. But when I try to make that in Blender, I have no options to choose other than black or white.

Click on the color field, then pull the alpha slider (A) down to 0:

Wow I didn’t know that! So easy!
It’s all solved!
Thank you very much everyone!!!