How to draw lines or points?

how can I draw Lines or Points in Blender?
For example in OpenGL you can use lines or points like meshes.
In Blender I can create meshes. But I did not figure out how to create lines or points.
Does anybody know?
Best Regards

There are no primitive line in blender
here’s one way to do it
add a plane in top view then select 3 vertices and delete them

you end up with one point from there you can add point with Ctlr then click where you want the next point to be and on and on

you can also go with the bezier curve but i’ll let you read the manual about bezier curve
when you have the time


this was just the info I also needed. But how can you add points to the line?

Another (less important) question about that line: is there a way to grab the end of the line, and drag in the continuace of the line you had. Like you just make the length of the line longer, but make it stay in place?

as i said you select the point you wish then you CTRL then click where you want the other point to appear!

you select the point you want and you simply move it that’s all


Ctrl-click will actually try to exturde whatever’s selected to the clicked point possibly taking into account the 3d cursor … it can do some ‘interesting’ things fairly quickly. If nothing’s selected, it adds a point, too. (And if you’re not in vertex select mode, you won’t be able to tell!)

As for the vert sliding … maybe try selecting ‘normal’ from the 3d header’s orientation drop down thing and doing the G + zz, xx, yy and see if one of those will lock motion in the right way.

If not that … maybe shift-S the 3d cursor to the other end of the line and use it as a pivot and scale the other point uniformly away/towards it?

Thnx, you helped me out again.

How do we request a primitive line tool be added to Blender?

First you could try the Snap Utilities Line add-on that ships with blender by default. It has a Make Line tool that has simple drawing capabilities in edit mode. Maybe that’s enough for you.

There used to be a paid version of the add-on with more functionality, but it’s been unavailable since the developer started working for the blender foundation. Improvements for snapping and precision modeling have been mentioned in his newest weekly report. So there might be more development in the future. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the official place for requests is Rightclickselect, though this kind of feature probably has been requested several times already.