How to Draw Redo_Last Panel ?

Does anyone know how to draw the redo_last panel ?
Is it even possible to draw the panel in a custom location?

Say -for example- I wanted to draw it in the UV Editor Toolshelf instead of the 3dView ToolShelf
(because having 3 toolshelves open is lunacy)
It doesn’t actually appear to be exposed to the python API

Yes, I know that ‘F6’ summons it
and I can code up a button to summon it with : col.operator(“screen.redo_last”)
but is it actually possible to draw the panel?

Appreciate any insight.

In a round-about way, this link may provide you with a clue as to what direction
you would need to go to do what you want to do . . . I would bank on it that
it would mean some C++ programming. “Currently, for more advanced features
such as mesh modifiers, object types, or shader nodes, C/C++ must be used.”