How to drop ice cube into the glass of water?

Hi All.
I want to drop ice cube into glass of water, but dont know how to do it exactly, i read about animation and soft bodies, but still dont get it=) Please advise me wich functions should i use to make my scene.

Got it finally=) Now i have problem with making water still before ice drops on it.

So how did you do it?

I thought blender did not support animated obstacles for fluid simulations?

@n0_mad: Increase your Starting time in the Domain settings to a point at which the fluid will already be still. This will cause a bit more calculation to occur before the first frame begins to appear in the sim.

@Atom: Yes you can have animated obstacles in a fluid sim. The obstacle just has to be animated using an IPO. What blender lacks is the ability to have the fluid sim move objects on its own. So basically the object can move the fluid, but the fluid cannot move the object.

Thank you it worked, ice cube fall into still water, but splash begins before ice hits the water, i am trying to set correct start time now.

By the way how much ram need to have for big resolution sims?, maximum resolution i can get is 137, if set bigger resolution blender will crash. I have 2gb of ram.

Is the splash happening just before the cube hits? If so you might just be seeing the Gap that is always in the fluidsim. Once you are done baking your will need to move the fluid object up to correct align it with the ice cube. As for memory, 125 or 130 is about all the resolution I can do with 2 gigs. Bare in mind that once the fluid is baked you can add sub-surf to the resolution fluid object if you want it smoother.

Thank you for explanation, very helpful=)

Would an object that is subsurfed use the original mesh for contact calculation?

I fixed my problem with only 137 fluid resolution - added /3GB option in boot.ini and got build with LAA, from .Maximum i can get now is 200, need to plug in more memory and get 64 bit os=)
I want make something like this :
But my water still not good.
JenniferBlender, the problem not with contact calculation - splash begins when ice cube pretty far from water surface. To fix this, i start cube animation after water calms.