How to duplicate a compl,ete character?

I’ve got a complete character: many objects with parent-child relationships.
How can I easily make three copies of it without having to duplicate each object individually and restoring the relationships?

If you want to make them all the same and stay the same, go into your options menu at the top menu bar and go to Edit Methods, make sure everything under ‘duplicate with object’ is turned off.

Dont know if this is the answer you are looking for, but do this:
Select the most parent object or objects that the character consists of. Then just do shift-d. That should not leave anything behind.

Can you box select the lot and SHIFT + D?

Can you box select the lot and SHIFT + D?[/quote]

Yes, use SHIFT + D
But, you must “unlink” the meshes and other attributes, so you can change the features of the duplicated character. All of the rigging and and parenting will still be good.

You can also select the top level parent, go to Grouping menu (Shift G) and select Children before you Shift D (Duplicate)

That way you don’t miss bits!