How to duplicate and mirror a rigged object?

I’m trying to duplicate a rigged right hand model to have a completely separate left hand that I can use when I need to. But I cant seem just to mirror everything as the hand seems to have strange twists. If I select “Rest position” it looks correct, but in “Pose position” it is twisted.

Here is an image of the issue:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I’ve spent hours and hours on this issue with no luck.

No idea if it will work with your set up but:

To mirror one of these hip thingies

It depends on how it’s connected to each other, in essence, you want to mirror the driving objects. In this case, an armature and a ring object.

Hi, can you share the file?

It only has the one object (hand) and the armature. But mirroring both or one of them does not seem to work and results in the same twisting.

This is really driving me insane.

Ok, i think it’s because you didn’t apply all transforms to the duplicated mirrored hand.

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YES this was it. I could swear I did this multiple times but it seemed to fix it finally! Thank you!!!

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