How to duplicate animated objects and flip the move direction?

Hi folks,
and here comes another newbe question … :slight_smile:

Well, yes I looked in the forum a bit and the tutorials and tryed to solve the problem by myself but I am still here (which means I wasn’t successful in finding the answer).

I am currently working on a chain which is rotating around a gear wheel (all animated). Now I want to make another gear wheel and another chain which is rotating around the new wheel. Please have a look at the picture.

The chain links are made of 3 objects. Thouse in the yellow box are just rotating around the center of the gear wheel for 15 degrees and start again where they started (it will look like they are rotating the whole way around because it’s exactly 15 degrees for each chain link. Thouse in the blue box are moving upwards and then jump back down to move upwards again and the selected chain is the 3rd object which does something in between.

Now I would like to duplicate the whole chain, move it down to the other wheel and flip it over (mirrow it on the y-axis) so that it suits the wheel. But if I do so and change the frame it always jumps back to where it was (because the data from the ipo curve editor is still the same). What could I do to solve this in an easy way?


Flip the ipos in the ipo window with s-x


ah thanks greybeard. Nevertheless that didn’t solve the problem with the chain links which are circling around the wheel completely, but now I can fix this by only turning them another 90 degrees.

I will try around a little, maybe I will figure something out how to mirrow the chain links which are moving upwards.