How to duplicate groups like in Maya

I am very new to blender and have used Maya for years for basic modeling. I have been trying to adjust to the new work flow and there are a lot of differences. One of the biggest for me is that I can seem to get used to the grouping system in blender. Where Maya have 3 separate arrows for groups and objects and edits. Here there is only one and while I have figured out how to group, duplicating groups I dont get? I click a parent and it just duplicates the parent. I watch other videos and people seem to do it fast but I am not sure how or what they are doing. is there any way to click on a group and duplicate the group fast? Do I always have to go into the outline and merge them into a collection? seems like a lot of work for setting up group systems. I am sure the is an easier way.

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k sorry. new here too