How To Duplicate Keyframes?

I have a project that has several keyframes, animating two different bones. I would like to duplicate these throughout the entire project. Can you use the Array Modifier to duplicate keyframes? Or, how would you recommend I accomplish this?

Appreciate any help!

I usually hit B, then select the ones i wish to dupe.
CTRL+C to copy selection following by CTRL+V to paste it, or just SHIFT+D and then drag them to the place where You want them on the timeline by pressing G and moving the mouse left or right.

Thanks, Sitag! I tried the “B” to select, and it didn’t produce the usual “box”, so I assumed that was incorrect?? I’ll try the CTRL+C - CTRL+V…sounds like that’s the way to go.

I ment that in case You’ve got the dopesheet opened. I didn’t mean this for the timeline that is on the bottom by defaults. Sry, my bad. You need to mouse over top right lined corner of Your main 3D view so that Your cursor changes to something like a big crosshair. Then click LMB and drag to the right. On the bottom of the screen select the 3D view to Dopesheet and that’s where Your keyframes are.