How to [dynamically] pin soft body objects to another mesh?

My goal is to use the Armory addon to move the two soft body meshes to interact some rigid bodies in the scene. For example, I want to apply forces the soft body objects to bring them closer to each other and grab something (a rigid body/collider mesh) in the scene. It is possible that those interactions would push each of the soft body meshes in different directions but I do not want this to be the case. Instead, I want the soft body meshes to be somehow linked to each other in a way that moving/interacting with one will affect the other one too (I basically want to build a simplified version of what is shown in this video from the 33rd second to the first minute). For instance, if a colliding mesh contacts one of the soft body meshes with high velocity from any angle I would like the two soft bodies move in the same direction as a result of this collision.

Therefore, I am looking for a way to somehow glue/attach/pin two soft body objects to something (e.g. bone or another mesh) placed on top of them. However, just pinning the top vertices of the soft body meshes will disallow me to move them freely (as shown here). So I want to have a more flexible type of pinning (hence the term " dynamic ") so that the soft body meshes can still be moved towards each other when some force is applied to them so that they can interact/collide with other objects but don’t fall down.

I wonder, how would this be possible? You can take a look at the .blend file that I attach to this question to get a better intuition of what I want to do. Here’s a screenshot of the scene in the attached .blend file:

enter image description here

P.S. I’m not sure if the tag animation is correct for my question, but I thought it should be relevant. So feel free to edit the questions and remove if my question is not relevant to animation stuff.