How to easilty clear IPOs?

Does any one have advice on how to quickly clear IPOs from objects (some armatures and some not) in a blender file?

This may sound silly because my process is that of an amature, but here is the scenario. I have a complex animation project with multiple scenes. I have a seperate blender file for every shot in a scene. So when I start a new shot, I just resave the last shot file as a new file. For example Shot1 gets resaved as Shot2. Shot2’s animation starts with all the objects sitting in same locations as they were at the end of Shot1.

Now here maybe the silly part, but I have this overwhelming desire in the Shot2 file to clear the IPOs of the objects so I can start back at frame 1. It just feels cleaner that way. However to do that I go to each object individually turn my screen to the IPO editor and delete the associated IPO.

It’s time consuming when you have dozens of objects in the scene. Is there a quicker way? Or I’m I the only who ever faces this because of a my wierd process.



Depends on the IPO. If they are just LOC/ROT/SCALE, you can box select them all in the NLA and delete them all at once. If the IPO does not show up in the NLA, you have to do them one at a time.