How to easily select all faces of a bar that is going through other faces?

Is there a way to select all faces of this bar?

Hover the pointer over a part of it and press L

Ok tried, it however selects all faces of my model… is the bar not going through the other faces?

If it’s a single object pressing L or CTRL+L will select all faces.

Use material select in Edit mode:-

Select one face of the bar, and hit CTRL-L

the bar looks connected to the rest of it. fail.

Delete everything but the upper curtain edge/vertices… then extrude that edge to get a clean curtain.

I agree with burnin and Daedalus. On closer inspection it looks like a single mesh. On that model there’s no need, and the bar could easily be separate polys. burnin’s method will reduce polygons and assist with separate selection. I’d even be tempted to make the bar a separate object.

It’s pretty easy. Face loop select around, and then selecting co-planar to those. Done.

Awesome! Thx! Will try to find out how to do face loop select and the “co-planar” setting. Also can sb. help me with rigging in this thread?