how to edit appended/linked objects?

is there a way to break the link and make it local so i can edit like normal after i appended/linked an object from another .blender file?

press “L” while having the linked object selected.

If you linked, use JO5EF’s suggestion. If you appended, you shouldn’t have to.

If you want to manipulate a linked object, you have to select the imported object with the RMB in 3D-View.

Then go to the menu “Object -> Make proxy…” or press “Ctrl Alt P” to make the imported model a proxy to the original file.

Now you can manipulate the size, location and rotation however if you want to edit the mesh you have to switch back to the original *.blend file.

I guess this woukd help our friend from switzerland to put his village in a common scene as well so I will try to find his thread an link to this one.

Our friend from switzerland? I am touched :slight_smile: Dankeschön, Herr B.