How to edit the "V" value in a curve?

Does anyone know how to get the V subdivision parameter in a (geometry) curve? Only the U parameter works to be modified.

Please help. Thanks!

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That’s on your bevel object I think

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U and V correspond to the different axes of an objects parametric surface. But a curve does simply not define a surface, thats the reason why the curves panel doesn’t show a V value. A second curve is needed to define a surface. Thats the one you used as bevel object (as already mentioned) and its U value is the V value youre looking for.

UIwise I think it would be nice if both resolution values could be set in one place, when a bevelobject is set, but currently thats not the case.

Thank you, team.
Sorry for not getting back at you quickly. (Found the solution fiddling with the bevel curve as mentioned, before coming back to the replies. Sorry).
Indeed, it works.