How to efficiently texture an object which has been subdivided?

Haven’t really been able to find anything about this online and was just wondering if someone here could help.

When I try to cut the seams etc it is selecting the edges of the original shape, rather than the edges of the subdivided version. Just wondered how I’d be able to texture a subdivided object more efficiently, as I’m presuming the way I’m currently doing it will require a lot of trial and error etc.


Are you referring to subdivision from a subsurf modifier ? If so you would have to apply the modifier to make the subdivisions real geometry

Please show us what you have and preferably supply a demo blend file

Thanks for your reply.

How would I go about the bolded? That sounds like what I need to do. Sorry, I’m just a relative noob, that’s all. Maybe now I know the precise terminology of it, I’ll be able to find better results on the web but if you could explain too that’d be great just in case I can’t.

In the modifier settings press the Apply button

Ok, I’ve done that. Still limited to the cage, though, as in I can’t select the actual edges, just the same amount as I would be allowed to edit if the shape wasn’t subdivided, if you get what I mean? Any way around this?