How to eliminate the knee pop in -in the walk cycle

Any tips will be hugely helpful
It’s really kill me the knee pop in in walk cycles and runs,
What I need to be careful;
Please I need suggestions and tips

Can you be more specific about your problem? A well-made rig shouldn’t pop. A zero constraint, full FK rig won’t do any kind of popping. You could have issues with IK?

Yeah problems with the ik
With fk I haven’t any issues

I would say the most likely issue is that you’ve modelled and rigged a fully straight leg. That’s no good. Model and rig the leg slightly bent (in the appropriate axis and direction.)

If you don’t want to change the model, you can probably get away with editing the leg bones slightly so that they describe the bend you want.

In general, minimize use of angle limits to minimize popping. But here, it would be good to angle limit the shin bone. On a typical looking model + rig, you’d lock Y and Z and limit X to 0-180 degrees. But it depends on what roll you have set up for your shin bones.

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If you’re using IK, see my answer to Issues with Rig

Its a commen problem in any 3D Animation Program i worked with. Depending on what your rig provides there are several solutions for it. Rigify for example provides you with automatic soft ik. If that isnt enough you could counter animate the tweak controls in the leg. Some rigs have extra hip controllers to lower the legs a bit. If your rig has none of these features and your IK leg supports no stretching, best way is to compensate the pops by lowering the waiste controller to the point where you dont exceed the original length of the IK chain anymore.

Fortunately, Soft IK is very easy to do in Blender (unlike in other 3d applications)