How to enable auto smooth when exporting

I modelled a Van vehicle. Without auto smooth option it looks like crushed.How to enable auto smooth when exporting. ?

export as exe? upbge supports the auto smooth i believe

As exe? I don’t need exe

up! still need help bro :confused:
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then i have no idea what your talking about.

if you are exporting the model out of blender, then you are in the wrong section.

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What?! Lots of people using this for other things. Well… May you explain how i will export as exe?

exe is for the blender game engine. you need to use the game publishing addon. enable, export, save as game runtime. point to an empty folder and be sure both copy dll and python are checked.

i recommend packing files or establishing folder structure.

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Use an edge split modifier and apply it on export.

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