How to enable hardware accelleration for video textures (FFMPEG) in BGE?

I’m developing a BGE application for a low-end machine (Celeron J1900 with Intel HD video) and would like to show fullscreen full-HD videos within BGE. I got it working like shown in the API-documentation with FFMPEG in the background.

But playing the video file with VLC or Win media player I get smooth video playback and CPU around 10%. With BGE the video playback is not smooth and CPU is around 70-90% depending an the video codec. I tried MPEG2, OGG, AVI-JPEG, H.264 (worst).

I assume, I have to switch on hardware acceleration. According to FFMPEG docs: “When using FFmpeg the tool, HW-assisted decoding is enabled using through the ‘-hwaccel’ option.”

But how to set this option from BGE? The video texture API gives me no clue … Any idea?

It sounds like an argument when you start the FFmpeg tool. The BGE is not the FFmpeg tool. I do not know if this option is supported.

Thanks for answering!
Yes, the argument usually is used as one possible option for starting FFmpeg.
Since FFmpeg is the video engine behind BGE when using dynamic texture for video playback, I hoped there is a way of enabling hardware acceleration in BGE, too …

I guess you would need to dig through the sources … or find someone who can do that for you.

Thanks … I was afraid of such an answer. I’ll skip that for now - but should I find a solution, I’ll post it.