How to enable Material Utils menu?

Hello. I just need to use the “Material Utils” script that is provided with Blender and unfortunately I can’t access the menu.

Into the Blender Wiki page is stated that I need to press Q, but if I’m pressing that button is poping up a Pie menu with view options.

How I can correct this situation?


If You look in the add - ons -material box - in user preferences -It say’s Shift + q

Just testet it work.

There are another usefull short cut - Ctrl + L = Make link


I think They change the short cut to shift + q beacuse there was some conflict after a blender update…?
And You are right it say Q in the Wiki…:slight_smile:


Thank you for the replay. Indeed, the correct shortcut is Shift+q. I just need to replace some materials with another materials, and this little utility will make my life a LOT easier. I need to replace the default materials for something like a few hundreds objects…